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Gennix gets listed on BitMart, broadening its investors profile to over 5.5 million traders worldwide

The Gennix token was listed on BitMart Centralised Crypto Exchange on 7th January 2022. Gennix is now available for trading, deposits and withdrawals on Bitmart, and is accessible to over 5.5 million traders worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gennix, Dean Marjanovic announces the listing of GNNX on BitMart Centralised Crypto Exchange. This included funding a second liquidity pool, facilitating increased adoption and tradeability. The initial pool on PancakeSwap captured users on the Binance Smart Chain, only allowing for trades done on a decentralised exchange. Now, users who deposit USDT to Bitmart on supported chains can trade GNNX on the open market.

Commenting on the recent listing on BitMart Exchange, Chief Executive Officer, Dean Marjanovic of Gennix Ltd said, “BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform that allows users to have access to over 200+ trading pairs on BitMart Exchange” Dean also added,“ Having Gennix listed on BitMart will increase the project visibility to the untapped investors profile globally. The listing also allows users to leverage on the low trading fees on BitMart.”

Gennix is a fork of the EasyFi lending protocol with highly robust security measures. One of the features that sets Gennix apart from other lending protocols is its TrustScore capabilities. The project offers significant advantages to borrowers by reducing the amount of capital required as collateral for taking DeFi loans, over time. To keep users safe, Gennix has blacklisting capabilities integrated into its system to track DeFi wallets that have interacted with high-risk platforms to safeguard its existing users. The platform automatically blacklists malicious wallets from connecting with its platform, ensuring only the highest quality of borrowers into its ecosystem.

The Gennix team is working to integrate a multi-chain stable swap that enables users to bridge assets freely between blockchains and a decentralized exchange onto its ecosystem. This will simplify the over-complicated process of using multiple platforms to trade, and also to eliminate unnecessary losses resulting from misclicks, complicated platforms or system errors. The idea of this stems from a deep understanding of the crypto market and its pain points. Therefore, Gennix was introduced to be a “One-Stop Shop” where users who come to the Gennix platform can freely borrow, lend, stake, swap and bridge assets freely in a seamless and timely manner.

Gennix is a micro-lending platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project was designed to promote end-to-end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial products such as DeFi staking pools, farming pools, and NFT yield boosters. Gennix understands the requirements to become a dominant entity in the crypto lending space and seeks to maintain and develop the vibrant community behind the Gennix project.
Ultimately, the goal of Gennix is to become an incumbent lending platform and the first choice for both new and existing investors.

For more information, visit
Website: http://www.gennix.io/
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gennix/

Media contact: info@thepragmaticpr.com
Company Contact: marketing@gennix.io

Gennix gets listed on BitMart, broadening its investors profile to over 5.5 million traders worldwide.

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