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West London Business Announcements

On page we bring together important business announcements that have been published in the West London region. The announcements are detailed below that either affect West London businesses or take place in West London.

The news is to be of interest to anyone looking for announcement of business information and companies in West London or have association with West London.

West London Business During Covid-19

Business in West London has been struggling in recent months, however, as a result of a number of high profile West London business announcements, we can feel confident that business is heading in the right direction.

Some of the biggest announcements made include a new 10 million football stadia at the O2, Wembley Stadium, and the Royal Festival Hall, the opening of the new 30 million O2 Arena, the 100 million O2 Ampitheatre and the opening of the Emirates Airlines Studio Stadium. All of these projects will be constructed in West London, giving businesses in West London a huge boost, and with the completion of the stadium projects, the West London area has received a huge economic boost.

However, with all of these announcements, we are also seeing a significant drop in the number of companies that are choosing to locate in West London. With the completion of the Wembley Stadium, businesses have decided that West London is no longer an option, with large companies now preferring to locate in the South East, as an alternative to the South West.

West End

16th April 2021

London’s West End Set To Encounter A Huge £300 Million Shopping Spree In The First Post Lockdown Weekend

Shops, bars & restaurants are bracing themselves for a huge spending spree in the 1st weekend following the announcement from the government of lockdown easing.

The government announcement for the retail and hospitality businesses in the West End will be a huge injection of much-needed cash flow for London’s West End businesses.

It is not just the West End businesses that are going to enjoy this 1st weekend, but huge numbers of public that are heading to dine out and drink in a celebrateory manner are expected to revel in it.

Across the board, restaurant bookings have had a significant increase on the previous so-called”super Saturday” which took place in July 2020. According to “The Fork”, (a booking website), reservations for eating out during this weekend were up by 220% when compared against the 1st weekend Post lockdown that took place last summer.

In all likelihood, the retail outlets, bars and restaurants will sell out of the better value items. This will force customers to pay out more for more premium products and offers. This is almost certainly going to be an unprecedented spend out by the public

White City

15th April 2021

Grocery Sector Of Retail Giant Amazon Fresh heads to White City, London

Retail giant Amazon is to continue its relentless march across London in a business announcement that broke news about Amazon Fresh to set up its “till free” grocery store in White city, London.

Amazon’s latest brick and mortar store is situated close to the white city underground tube station. The store is a 2500 square-foot retail space.

This is how the store works. Customers use the Amazon app to enter the store and they then continue to shop in a conventional manner collecting the items they want to purchase as they walk around the store. As soon as they have finished their shop they can walk away without seemingly paying. As usual with Amazon, it is a genius cutting edge way forwards for people to shop. The technology Amazon uses is astonishing. Customers are billed automatically for what they have taken out of the store. This makes me think about a few decades ago when all of the shop goods were behind the counter and you had to ask the shopkeeper for each item if you wanted to purchase it. That all seems like life on another planet now, and it wasn’t that long ago.

It was in March this 2020 that Amazon Fresh opened its 1st UK store in London. The company said that it is set to continue its growth within Greater London where it will be opening new stores in the months and years ahead.


15th April 2021

West London Based Fastsigns, Hammersmith wins London Business Award

A company that is based in Hammersmith called Fastsigns Hammersmith, has won the retail / wholesale business of the year 2021 award in the recent West London business awards.

The company won the award as a result of its ability to demonstrate its talent, resilience and the success of its business that it conducts within the West London region of the capital.

The award has been an achievement for the company as a result of the outstanding efforts of each and every employee within the company. During the last 12 months, business has been challenging to say the least. Fastsigns Hammersmith have done well to achieve their award with outstanding teamwork and dedication to get the job done.

Fastsigns Hammersmith are a visual communications business that majors in signage within the West London region.

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